Alexander “Sandy” Love Cemetery

The Alexander Love Farm was located 5 miles west of Quincy on Highway 90 at Douglas City. The cemetery is located just north of the road at the Y. Alexander “Sandy” Love was born in 1800 in N.C. the son of Edward Love and Elizabeth Curry. His family was very instrumental in early Gadsden Co.

  1. McMillan (Sign of the Dove) Duncan McMillan b March 9, 1832 d. Feb. 17, 1901 “Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.” Psalms 37-37
  2. Isabella C. Love wife of Duncan McMillan b May 2, 1841 d. Oct 23, 1887 “Dearest Bella still is living, In that pure and blissful clime, And with the Angels swell the song, Around the throne of God.
  3. In the Memory of Sara A. Love b. July 23rd, 1826 d. Oct 15th, 1834 (stone down)
  4. Erected in Memory of Dr. William W. Love Born Jan. 30th, 1836 Died in the C.S. Army at Knoxville, Tenn. Aug. 13th, 1862.
  5. To the Memory of Philip C. Love (Killed in hunting accident) Born Feb. 27, 1831 d. Sept 4th, 1849
  6. To the Memory of Isabella Wife of Alexander Love b. Aug 16, 1801 d. Oct 14th, 1842 (First wife of Alexander Love. Second wife-sister Christian McRae)
  7. In memory of Alexander Love b June 24th A.D. 1800 d. Feb 23 A.D. 1877
  8. Footstone E.A.W. (Aunt Lizzie) (on back) Our Mother
  9. In Memory of Mary Jane Wilson b. Nov 36 (must be a typo meaning Nov. 26, 1848) d. Mch. 16, 1886
  10. In Memory of Isaac Wilson b. in Allegheney Co., Md. Sept 8 A.D. 1802 Died Gadsden Co. Fla Aug 21, A.D. 1879
  11. In Memory of Isaac T. Wilson b. Jan 15, 1862 d. Oct. 30, 1883

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