Antioch Church Cemetery, Wetumpka

Antioch Church Cemetery was surveyed on April 21, 1957; therefore, burials after this date are not included here.

Directions: Leave Quincy going south on Pat Thomas Parkway (Hwy. 267 South). It’s about 9 miles to Wetumpka. Continue south past intersection with Old Federal Road (Hwy 65B) to the top of the next hill. Turn left on McCall Bridge Road (Hwy. 65C), and the church and cemetery are within sight on the right. The cemetery covers about three acres.

SurnameGivenBirth DateDeath DateComments on Stone
ALDERMANBulah ? Eulah2-20-1889Living 
ALFORDAuthur J.7-5-18922-3-1955 
ANDERSONCora Lee8-1-190311-26-1955Wife of Basie W. Pittman
ANDERSONRobert M.2-27-18868-23-1952 
BLACKArchie Amanda,2-3-186212-9-1920Wife of William Calvin Blount
BLOUNTAnnie E.1-8-18254-6-1901Wife of Charles Blount
BLOUNTCharles10-25-181410-23-1881Hus of Annie E. Blount
BLOUNTCharles W.5-10-18649-29-1918 
BLOUNTDewey D.4-27-18984-2-1899Son of CW & Fannie Blount
BLOUNTWilliam Calvin12-31-18593-2-1919Hus of Archie Amanda Black, Obituary appeared in the Gadsden County Times 2-27-1919
BLUNTCharles10-22-181410-22-1881Born in SC
BRADSHAWAdline8-7-18557-20-1925Wife of Elisha Bradshaw
BURKEEvelyn Lafay1-18-193612-18-1954 
BURKENancy Jane6-13-18803-18-1939 
BURKEWilliam Conley1-12-19363-29-1955 
CARVENJackie R., Mrs.9-30-18732-7-1950 
CEBELEMrs. Sidney18421933 
CHESTERE. L.7-18-184812-5-1928 
CHESTERLevie M.9-19-18301-10-1896 
CHESTERMary J.8-18-18501-4-1921 
CHESTERRobert J.2-28-18769-30-1896Son of E.L. & Mary Chester
CHESTERSarah M.12-12-18674-30-1906Wife of J. W. Crosby
CRAVENLittle Boy(Blank)(Blank) 
CRAVENMassey Walden6-3-193012-16-1937Son of G.H. Craven
CRAVENThomas C.9-6-186512-23-1937 
CROSSJames A.19311933 
CROSSJohn Arthur11-9-18832-5-1920 
CROSSJohn J.18601927 
CROSSLaura L.18671934Wife of John W. Cross
DEANF. J.1-16-18597-1936 
DE VANEMytle B.19101956 
DORSETTEJohn James1-1-184110-21-1932Age 91 yrs. 9 mo.
DRAKEEllis H.12-7-19211-14-1928Son of M.H. & Flossie Drake
DRAKESamuel R.(Blank)4-14-1954 
DUCKBeatrice5-26-19009-5-1926Wife of J. M. Duck
DUCKC. W.5-10-18586-11-1927 
DUGGARFrancis Lois1-6-19186-5-1918 
DUGGARJefferson Devis10-22-19104-9-1911 
DUGGARJohn Daniel1-26-19215-1-1944 
DUGGAROren Clinton10-10-18864-13-1924 
FINNSusan G.2-14-183212-19-1904 
FLOURNOYBertie Wilmar11-15-19129-4-1918 
FLOURNOYBobby Gene12-16-194610-30-1952 
FLOURNOYPat Clifton9-16-19426-25-1955 
FOMBYMamie Gatlin9-21-18822-14-1928 
GATLINAllaie Pittman18911930? 
GATLINElias T.4-14-18495-7-1925 
GATLINInfant8-9-189610-2-1896Son of Wright & Lou Gatlin
GATLINJulia D.1-13-18563-23-1945 
GATLINLizzie11-12-18477-22-1930Wife of W. R. Hagood
GATLINManor A.3-28-18588-17-1906 
GATLINRichard(Blank)3-11-1898Alabama 2nd Lt. McInnis Co. 42 ALA Mil. Creek War
GATLINRichard C.1-9-19455-4-1915(assume dates incorrect)Hus of Sarah R. Haygood
GATLINRichard R.10-26-18693-1946 
GRAYAlice L.11-29-187510-2-1949 
GREGORYMargaret Julia10-23-185611-17-1934Wife of Silas N. Smith
HAGOODSarah R.5-1-18508-25-1935Wife of Richard C. Gatlin
HAGOODW. R.6-26-184810-4-1931Hus of Lizzie Gatlin
HANNAAnnie Gatlin9-9-18782-22-1912 
HIERSIda Herrin10-29-187710-6-1941Wife of William Mance Hiers
HIERSWiliam Mance9-8-186712-17-1951Hus of Ida Herring Hiers
HOLLEYJulia Duck10-8-188812-22-1932Wife of Cleve Holley
JOHNSONEfford1-30-190610-4-1949Hus of Mamie Johnson
MARTINIsabelle2-4-18808-12-1927Wife of J. H. Steele
NEWSOMEJennie Ola18881949Wife of Robert L. Todd
OWENSArthur L.19201935 
OWENSDonald L.10-16-19476-23-1953 
OWENSSara Ettie7-30-18761-28-1941Wife of J. H. Todd
PARRAMOREFrank18901945Hus of Rosa V. Parramore
PARRAMOREHubert Mitchell19191927 
PARRAMOREJames R.18581924 
PARRAMOREJane Everette6-28-186011-16-1939Hus of Mamie Hagood?
PARRAMOREJulia May18611909 
PARRAMORELillar?-23-188010-8-1914Wife of William Harmon Tharp
PARRAMOREMargaret Adair19071948Wife of Robert W. Parramore
PARRAMOREMinnie Hagood12-22-186911-22-1951 
PARRAMOREM. L.18581946 
PARRAMORENorman C.3-5-191312-7-1952 
PARRAMOREPalmer C.18921943 
PARRAMORERosa V.1893(Blank)Wife of Frank Parramore
PARRAMOREWilliam L.(Blank)2-14-1929 
PILKINTONArrie Hiers5-20-190110-7-1951 
PITTMANBasie W.8-5-18964-30-1955Hus of Cora Lee Anderson
PITTMANCharley4-15-18682-20-1938Hus of Mary Della Pittman
PITTMANElizabeth10-15-18546-19-1939Wife of John A. Pittman
PITTMANElizabeth T.18681947 
PITTMANJohn A.9-29-184611-25-1927Hus of Elizabeth Pittman
PITTMANLouis Laeral4-10-190210-10-1902 
PITTMANMary Della11-9-18749-6-1937Wife of Charley Pittman
RENFROEDaniel Wiliam2-15-188612-27-1949 
RITTERJames Erskin10-27-191510-7-1945 
RITTERRobert F.19061942 
RUDDA. H.6-8-189310-12-1918 
RUDDAlice Adam10-5-18621-18-1944Wife of Robert Ruben Rudd
RUDDAnnie Lee3-14-18898-17-1928Wife of John Edgar Rudd
RUDDEllison J.9-26-184512-1-1921 
RUDDE. T.2-18-18123-21-1895 
RUDDEverett A.5-6-1922(Blank) 
RUDDFermon Alton2-28-19286-16-1935Son of A. E. & A. Z. Rudd
RUDDGeorge Washington3-1-188110-16-1918 
RUDDJeannette10-25-19191-7-1920Dau of S. O. & M. M. Rudd
RUDDJohn Edgar10-5-1889(Blank)Hus of Annie Lee Rudd
RUDDLizzie? R.8-4-18967-31-1928 
RUDDMary J.7-15-18256-18-1869Wife of E. T. Rudd
RUDDMary Mollie18491942 
RUDDRobert Ruben2-10-18585-6-1934Hus of Alice Adam Rudd
RUDDViola P.18871943 
RUDDW. A.(Blank)12-2-1908Age 59 years
RUDDWilford Michael4-5-19179-29-1918 
SHEPARDLouise J.5-10-18505-12-1880 
SMITHAda Gatlin12-6-18855-27-1918 
SMITHAnnie Doris18971953 
SMITHMary Elizabeth   
SMITHSilas M.  Co. C 5th FL Inf CSA; Hus of Margaret Julia Gregory.
STEELEIsabelle MARTIN2-4-18808-12-1927Wife of J. H. Steele
STEELEJohn H.7-22-188010-29-1949Hus of Isabelle Martin
SYKESAnnie8-14-18614-3-1932Wife of Merritt Gatlin
THARPELinnie6-18-18833-23-1945Hus of Pinky Mae Tharpe
THARPEPauline3-8-194110-11-1941Dau of Alonzo & Mozelle Tharpe
THARPEPinkie Mae12-10-19028-7-1949Wife? of Linnie Tharpe
THARPEWm Harmon4-10-18667-16-1927Hus of Lillar Parramore
TODDFrancis C.4-29-184711-8-1920 
TODDJennie Ola NEWSOME18881949Wife of Robert L. Todd
TODDJohn H.1-26-18715-5-1947Hus of Sara Ettie Owens
TODDRobert L.18811916Hus of Jennie Ola Newsome
TOMLINJames N.18841941 
WATTSInfant 2-28-1942Son of Ezell & Ruby Lee Watts
WATTSInfant 3-6-1943Son of Esell & Ruby Lee Watts
WILLIAMSHarriett Ann10-31-185112-24-1935Wife of Ellison James Rudd
WILLIAMSONW. V.4-18-18728-12-1945

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